The Richard III Podcast – A Perfect Coup

Welcome to the first episode of The Richard III Podcast, which details the events surrounding Richard’s arrival in London in May 1483. The podcast largely follows my blog post, A Perfect Coup.

Matthew Lewis is the author of a brief biography of Richard III, A Glimpse of King Richard III along with a brief overview of the Wars of the Roses, A Glimpse of the Wars of the Roses.

Matt’s has two novels available too; Loyalty, the story of King Richard III’s life, and Honour, which follows Francis, Lord Lovell in the aftermath of Bosworth.

Matt can also be found on Twitter @mattlewisauthor.

7 thoughts on “The Richard III Podcast – A Perfect Coup

  1. I listened to you podcast with great interest and would like to add the Richard was well aware of the Woodville plot, I m stating the obvious here. He was also aware that there had been a treasonus meeting between Margaret Beaufort and Stanley and Hastings. He had also been made aware that Hastings had a hand in hasteneing his brother Georges death which also fuelled his anger.

      1. Even if the plots were not real, if Richard believed them to be real he would have to
        acted as a matter of survival, or self defense.

      2. I thinks it’s important to realise that Richard may not have known the whole truth. He could only deal with what was in front of him in the best way that he could.

  2. I agree with what you are saying that Richard would have to have strong reason for executing Hastings. Although I thoroughly enjoyed your book Loyalty it didn,t quite ring true to me that Anne would have influenced him in that way, on that matter. He would have had some very strong news to have fired him up to cause an almost immediate change of mood. I have proof enough for myself that he had confirmation of the Hastings plot and additional information about Hastings. Just supposing there were no plots, can we find a reasonable explanation for Richard executing Hastings . I agree with you, that as Lord Constable, it was within his brief so as to speak to act as he did.

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