The Richard III Podcast – Introduction

This introductory episode of the Richard III Podcast offers an overview of the life of King Richard III upon which future episodes will expand.

Matthew Lewis is the author of a brief biography of Richard III, A Glimpse of King Richard III along with a brief overview of the Wars of the Roses, A Glimpse of the Wars of the Roses.

Matt’s has two novels available too; Loyalty, the story of King Richard III’s life, and Honour, which follows Francis, Lord Lovell in the aftermath of Bosworth.

The Richard III Podcast can be subscribed to via iTunes or on YouTube

Matt can also be found on Twitter @mattlewisauthor.

3 thoughts on “The Richard III Podcast – Introduction

  1. It seems to me that Richard had a trigger for violence and that trigger was betrayal. Hastings betrayed him as did the Rivers and Grey at Stony Stratford. I think his trigger originated from having an insecure childhood, having to leave England twice for safety.
    His recently diagnosed Intolerance to Uncertainty Syndrome probably exacerbated insecurity and increase his drive for surety.

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