The Richard III Podcast – Episode 3 – The Coronation of King Richard III

Episode 4 of The Richard III Podcast looks at the coronation ceremony of King Richard III and what the lavish ceremony can tell us about the beginning of this most infamous king’s reign.

Matthew Lewis is the author of a brief biography of Richard III, A Glimpse of King Richard III along with a brief overview of the Wars of the Roses, A Glimpse of the Wars of the Roses.

Matt’s has two novels available too; Loyalty, the story of King Richard III’s life, and Honour, which follows Francis, Lord Lovell in the aftermath of Bosworth.

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Matt can also be found on Twitter @mattlewisauthor.

3 thoughts on “The Richard III Podcast – Episode 3 – The Coronation of King Richard III

  1. Hi once again I enjoyed the information in your podcast. Just one little thing though it would be nice if Richard wasn’t referred to as infamous, I believe that the Richard III society have been trying for almost the last 100 years to educate people as to his reputation, why use the word at all? It probably refers to the Princes in the Tower which hasn’t been proven one way or the other.

    1. Infamous means possession of a bad reputation. Richard does have a bad reputation. Ricardians believe that he does not deserve it, but if he wasn’t infamous then there would be no need for a society to defend him and promote a re-evaluation of that reputation.

      1. But you could argue that Richard was given an infamous reputation by the Tudors, rather then earned by him. Richard was FAMOUS for being being an excellent soldier, commander and administrator in the North, and good lawmaker. My point being if you apply infamous to Richard you are then highlighting the wrong doing that was Tudor proganda . The Ricardian Society try to give a balanced view for people to make their own minds up about him, and you don’t here the word infamous applied to him so much now because people are becoming more knowledgable about the positive actions of his that are known and proven.

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