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I’ve found it really hard to keep this to myself. I didn’t want to announce it before now because it felt a bit too much like tempting fate.

Amberley Publishing have asked me to write four factual history books for them, the first on the Wars of the Roses, which I’ve had the proof for now and which has appeared on Waterstones website with an 85 days to release countdown. I guess that makes it real enough to dare to tell people now!

28 thoughts on “New Book News

    1. Thank you Carole. I hope it will be well received. Just a nervous wait to find out what people will think of my interpretations. At least there will be a positive version of Richard III’s story in this telling of the Wars of the Roses.

  1. Congratulations Matthew – Amberley Publishing clearly has excellent taste !. I so enjoyed Honour and Loyalty, and am looking forward to the first new one being published. I am glad things have improved for you -,with the fantastic personal news, and now being asked to pen 4 books – all very much deserved !.

    1. Hi,Matt

      You are in a much better position than I am–a foreign (Hungarian,living in Spain) woman who became a strong Ricardian having read Shakespeare.
      But I just cannot sit still and see how the tragical misunderstanding of Shakespeare’s
      oeuvre insults Richard.We must do something about it,because I’m sure that some incredibly important clues are in the overlooked details of Elizabethan theatre.
      Have you found my article? If not, if it disappeared from queenanneboleyn.I’ll put it on my new website which i’m setting up.
      While people keep on thinking that Shakespeare’s character of the same name is Richard,nothing will be set right!!!. That character was never meant to represent Richard.
      I can–and perhaps will– write a grotesque scene with a disgusting woman as its protagonist,and give her my own name.Will I be like that character ? No,it will be a parody of these horrible misinterpretations.More or less the same thing…
      I hope that by now you are also sure that Shakespeare’s character–having practically nothing in common with Richard (age,looks,family circumstances,everything being absolutely different)–so it is just a parody of the calumnies,and a symbol of ‘bad guys’,but yes,it has very much in common with Henry Tudor (and of course,with any other villain).
      I say you are sure ‘by now’,because I read in one of your articles of last year that you discussed the death of the character as if it had to do with that of the real Richard.IWhy did you discuss this if you consider Cecil as the ‘original’ of the character, ?–which I absolutely accept, Tudor,Cecil,ANY villain can be the real life version of the character ),but if you and me are convinced about that,we must try to spread this light,because this subject is enormously important.
      Shakespeare wrote (King John):’this England never did
      nor never shall lie at the proud foot of a conqueror
      but when it first did help to wound itself’
      Wasn’t Tudor a conqueror?

  2. Look forward to this book – fresh interpretations of the Wars of the Roses are very welcome. Congratulations and good luck!

  3. EXCELLENT NEWS MATT. But please tell me these books are also in Ebook format – for my Kindle.

  4. Congratulations – but I’m a bit worried about your publisher. Terry Brereton’s book on Richard III is the worst I have ever read. apart from being unbalanced he never assesses the accuracy of a source. Secondly, Amberley appear not to employ Proof readers with any knowledge of History. Brereton’s book is full of factual errors, but also Kristie Deane’s book has whopping errors, usually because of the standard of proof reading. she has Thomas Becket murdereed on the orders of Henry I. Congratulations Matt, but take care.

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