3 thoughts on “New website is up at last!

  1. Matt,and everybody of good will:I’d like to suggest something.It is very good that Matt’s book about York is to be released. This is the greatest story of world history and world literature,starting with Henry IV,who usurped the crown from Richard II,and through the tragical fates of several members of the House of York, the age of the Tudor villains, then Queen Elizabeth,who wanted to finish the line of her monstrous father and grandfather,tolerating the messages of the greatest Ricardian ever,Shakespeare…then the misinterpretation of Shakespeare’s oeuvre…
    As I mentioned in another post on another blog,I wrote to the Chairman of the RichardIII Society asking him to recognize that Shakespeare is ours,the greatest Ricardian of all time,and to use his oeuvre against Richard,is a dirty weapon of the power-pleasers,Tudor-servants,like the BBC.In connection with a planned,dirty program of the BBC,the comment of the Chairman on the website of the Society,is weak.It says nothing that Shakespeare didn’t know history. He certainly did,and he was anti-Tudor.What I suggest is that everybody who understands this,should try to persuade Ricardian organizations to use the strong weapon we have in Shakespeare,support research of the Elizabethan Age,recognize the great things that come to the surface.Queen Elizabeth was not happy to be a Tudor.That was why she tolerated Shakespeare’s messages.This is another topic for historic research.
    Perhaps if I were not the only one who writes to the headquarters, the Chairman of the R III Society, they would answer more strongly to bad guys like those of the BBC,when they keep on insulting Richard,using the misinterpreted Shakespeare.They would rather support the research of the Elizabethan Age.

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