Richard, Duke of York

The UK release of Richard, Duke of York: King By Right is two weeks today.
I hope to show that Richard has been (unfairly) characterised as a greedy, ambitious man who dragged the country into civil war when the story of his whole life tells a very different tale.


14 thoughts on “Richard, Duke of York

  1. Congratulations, Matt.This is not dead history,this is very present today too.It is important what you are doing.Please,have a new look at my site richardiiiandallill-treated. simplesite. com.
    IThere are some thoughts in connection with what Shakespeare told us about historic injustice,villains who accuse their victims of their own crimes,and the responsibilities of those who support the powerful villain

  2. In the HenryVI plays Shakespeare portrayed things that are generally overlooked.In my book there will be a chapter with the title ‘Was Shakespeare Yorkists?’Because if anyone reads those plays with an open mind,very interesting things come to the surface.He didn’t believe in the claim of the Lancaster side.Henry himself is weak and unhappy,the others,his queen among them,all villains

  3. Word Press is among the things that drive me mad.Yesterday it didn’t let me finish and post my whole post.And it’s important, because given the fact that you are interested in the literary connections,Shakespeare,of the events of the times of the times of the House of York,I’d be delighted to read what you think of these Henry Vi plays,Matt.
    If Shakespeare and many in his generation thought that the House of Lancaster held the crown ‘by force and not by right’,this is highly interesting,and casts a very dark shadow on Henry VII who posed as a Lancaster ,though not even this claim was right.Shakespeare also ridiculed it in Henry VI Third Part when his realistic dramaturgy started to change into a grotesque one.

  4. I’m always interested in Shakespeare. While watching “The Winter’s Tale” at the Globe a few weeks ago, I realised it was a portrayal of the tyranny of Henry VIII.

  5. This about the Winter’s Tale is very interesting.In. my book I deal with Shakespeare’s whole oeuvre trying to prove that it’s. absolutely anti-Tudor,but I didn’t pay attention to this play in particular. That’s why I’m urging everyone,mainly writers,historians,but every intelligent, thinking person to discover new things in the oeuvre,not to do what Leicester University and other institutions do–this is on my websit.If they want to maintain the traditional lies and misinterpretations,they only do harm.
    In connection with Richard iii how many times we read that he is called ‘a crook-backed toad’–by Shakespeare.Disgusting!!!. The character Margaret calls the-and other Lancesters also call–the character Richard names like this.But it is clearly in the context that shows that they are insensitive, cruel villains who insult a disabled man.The details are in my book.
    Later Shakespeare learned that the real Richard d didn’t look like the character,and ,the character becomes a grotesque parody in Henry VI Third Part.
    The play Richard II is also generally misinterpreted. It suggests that the one to blame because of the War of the Roses was Henry IV,Richard’s faults didn’t matter.Most interpreters focused on Richard’s faults just to favour the Lancaster side from the beginning,because the final victor,the greatest! villain,Henry VII,posed as a Lancaster….

    1. I do want to access your website to read more, Eva, but the link doesn’t deliver. Could you test your link above, and re-post? Thanks.

  6. It really is very nice of both of you to show interest. In my bad situation here in Spain,I’m struggling with this tablet,using public WiFi,no internet at home,so I can do about the half of what I could in a more intelligent country. There my phd of the university of Budapest would have been rendered valid,here where the level of education is much lower,it wasn’t because of stupid burocratic reasons.So since my divorce I was pushed into a bad economic situation.Now I’m renouncing my Spanish citizenship.A
    I hate talking about myself,the causes I defend,the findings I can still make,are much more important. But understanding my situation,everybody can understand, I hope,that I’m really sincere urging others to look into more details of the things I mention,but. I cannot research more myself.
    It’s great that Matt deals with the Dutch of York,the age of the RichardII,Henry Bolingbroke ‘duo’ would be also interesting,I think.
    I have been horrified to see that in England ,things are not so very good either.By now,I have no doubt that Shakespeare’s misinterpretation wasn’t an innocent misunderstanding. There are forces,there are some people who don’t want the truth to come to the surface.

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