Princes in the Tower Documentary

Yikes!! The fantastic History Hit have released the documentary we did on the #PrincesInTheTower and #RichardIII. 😬😳

I’m somewhere bouncing between excited, terrified, proud, nervous, anticipating bad reactions, hoping it’ll go down well.

I hope you’ll have a watch. You can get a month’s free trial – what better time to use it and encourage more content like this?

Looking confused in the Tower!

I think it’s a pretty big step for Ricardianism to get something as revisionist as an exploration of the possibilities the The Princes in the Tower weren’t murdered in 1483, never mind that Richard III didn’t kill them. If this gets plenty of views and likes and lots of publicity, it should lead to more opportunities to tell a different story about Richard III. So if you can spare half an hour, please sign up for the free trial (you can cancel it before you get charged anything, or keep it and watch more) and watch the documentary.🤞

(And it was the first time I’ve done anything like this, so be gentle!)

7 thoughts on “Princes in the Tower Documentary

  1. I was so excited to watch this I’m so glad that I found out about your work Matthew and that more attention is being put on Richard the third character assassination I like that you mention the fairytale aspect that’s very correct the propaganda completely sounds like a Grimms fairytale And the image of Richard the third being this conniving evil child murderer does not stand up to everything else that we know about him his performance prior to being king nor his incredible bravery during the battle of Bosworth I’m also wondering if maybe the Tutor’s got extra down and dirty against him because of the possibility of his prior involvement with Elizabeth of York? anyway keep up the great work look forward to our new subject matters specials blogs etc.!!

  2. Hi Matt, finally got around to watching this wonderful presentation and very much enjoyed it. Visiting the sites of the infamous alleged crimes aka murdering the boy King and his brother, Duke of York brought the tale to life. As tragic as such a tale might have been, the wicked Uncle Richard murdered his two nephews in the middle of the night, its totally ludicrous. Richard didn’t show their bodies and having obtained the crown, Edward and Richard having been legally made illegitimate, what threat to him were they? True he might have executed them as adults if they became the focus of conspiracies, all Kings did that, but he had no motivation to kill them in 1483/4. We don’t have a clue what happened to them and the snippets of evidence of their survival is fascinating. Thanks for this excellent video.

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