Gone Medieval in The National Archives

This weekend’s episode of the Gone Medieval podcast from History Hit is a peek behind the scenes at The National Archives with Principal Medieval Records Specialist (might as well read kid in a sweet shop to me) Euan Roger. As well as talking us through the history and evolution of The National Archives, Euan talks about some of their treasures.


We also had a great chat about doodles Euan has come across in his studies. Here are a few photos of the ones we talked about.

This is Forster’s signature with a huge ‘F’. The man is, Euan suggested, Forster himself on a lads’ night out in London.

Horses are popular features in the doodles, as are hands and fingers – whatever they were up to!

Here’s another fancy horse jotted in a margin of government paperwork.

This man looks very pensive on the toilet. Penny for them?

Okay, this one is downright rude. This scribe clearly has the oldest jibe in the world for his boss!

I hope you’ll give the episode a listen, and if you enjoy it, please subscribe, and maybe even leave a review.


One thought on “Gone Medieval in The National Archives

  1. Hello Matt, You are writing about many of my relatives. I have known about my bloodline since 2014 yet this year my husband and myself have dived in much deeper into this layered royal linage, which is so inner connected. I came from the first Kings of France but as we travel through the female lineage of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Eleanor Fitz Alan of one of the many Henry Percys, Mary Lancaster Plantagenet, and Elenor Neville things have become a mosaic of Medieval History. I know I will enjoy your Blog. Raylene Abbott

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