Thank you for having a rummage around my blog. I hope that you found something interesting.

I have a long standing passion for history and its stories. I believe that the key to understanding the past is to understand the people who drove its events, not least to understand that they were people, real people. They had hopes, fears, dreams and disasters much as you or I and these shaped them and their part in history.

My first novel, Loyalty, tells the story of King Richard III before Shakespeare’s veil fell over the man to create the caricature. I am also writing a series of short histories called A Glimpse Of which aim to briefly introduce a subject to the reader in engaging terms. Please feel free to look around my Amazon Author Page.

You can find me tweeting, usually on history, at @mattlewisauthor and I would love to hear from you. I can also be reached at matt.lewis@mattlewisauthor.com.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Matt! I would love to subscribe to your blog via email…is there a link that I am not seeing?

    I am currently an undergraduate history major, with an intended focus on British history. Your blog is fantastic!

    • It tells me you’re following the blog, so you should get an email each time I post a new blog.

      I’m glad you like the articles. Do you have a time period in mind to focus on?

  2. Hi Matthew, Congratulations on your, Richard Duke of York, book. It is much needed. Are you about in any other shops beside Ludlow on the 28th? As you know its a Bank Holiday weekend -parking will be horrendous. Should be good for you though with potential customers!

    • Hi Barry. Thank you. I’m only due to be at Ludlow at the moment. I hope there will be plenty of people around to pop in and say hello. I’m not looking forward to parking though. The car park by the market might be a no-go!

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